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Trust is build by consistency
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For dealers

We offer the highest expertise and quality service in the diamond industry. We have supplied thousands and are well positioned to meet all of your diamond needs and inquiries.

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Diamond Guide

Find out more about the four C’s of a diamond and and how to use the chart illustrating the differences between grades. Visit us in person and we will guide you in making the perfect choice.

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E.G.L certified

Most of our diamonds are E.G.L certified. E.G.L grants a certificate that indicates weight, color, purity, cut of the stone and a diagram of eventual inclusions.

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We trade in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. Bitcoin is the simplest way to exchange money at very low cost.

Who are we

Producers, wholesalers and retailers of diamonds in Cape Town since 1994
We are well known by jewelers and wholesalers for our quality and service

Our firm is proud of the pseudonym "Rock Solid," a positive attribute to our name, a name that wants to evoke the idea of solidity, this is the main attribute of our company. We have worked in Cape Town, South Africa for years. We are producers, wholesalers and local retailers of diamonds. Diamonds, pure and sparkling stones that makes people's eyes shine all over the world. For their purity and beauty, our diamonds are bought by tourists in our sales department or in our several jeweler's shops located all over the Western Cape province.

  • We pride ourselves on our customer service

  • The cornerstone we build our business on.

  • We have a wide variety of diamonds to chose from

  • We have been around long enough to give you the best possible advice.